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Dan Hemmert for Senate

Once elected, Dan Hemmert will be a difference maker in Utah’s Senate. His combined experience, education, and work ethic will come together and directly benefit the state of Utah.


The Vision

"Dan will not be a 'go along to get along' type of Senator. His experience will give him the ability to stand up to powerful people and tell them when they are wrong."

Protecting the family

As your state senator, Dan Hemmert will support policies that strengthen the family unit, which is the most important component of all human institutions.

Better Education Plan

Education is crucial to the development of children and society overall. Dan Hemmert will empower both the child and parent and help them create the best education experience possible.

Limiting Federal Power

As your state senator, Dan Hemmert will fight to bring power back to the state and work to gain access to the Utah lands for the benefit of both its citizens and economy.

The Hemmert Mission

Discover how Dan Hemmert will benefit Utah's citizens once elected by improving education, creating a business-friendly economy, and protecting state rights.

The Experience Utah Needs

Expertise - Knowledge - Insight

  • Economics Degree from BYU 
  • Masters of Business Administration from BYU
  • Law Degree from BYU
  • Practiced law at a Washington DC based Law Firm
  • Private Equity Partner at Dakota Pacific
  • As CFO, Dan turned around software company OrangeSoda
  • CFO and investment manager for John R. Miller Enterprises
  • Owner of Red Hanger Cleaners
  • LinkedIn:

Everything You need to know

No other candidate has the data analysis skills and budget process understanding to make the impacts that Dan can. He has proven he can turn around struggling businesses by making the right decisions and these same abilities can be applied to state programs where more can be done with less and redundancies and waste can be cut.


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